Customer Relationship Management



Library work systems in development Customer Relationship Management Web-based library in the library field is very necessary, especially how the Internet technology (Web) may hold an important role in carrying out the relationship between the library with the guests (customers) are better known as Customer Relationship Management ( CRM) is concerned about how to use a library in the proper Internet facilities in a relationship between the two sides (the library and pengjunjung). Customer Relationship Management is basically a collaboration to create a state that does not harm either party. In this case the library through the CRM attempt to add value to information (add value of information) on the visitors and in return the library will give his loyalty to the library.
Then through this CRM will encourage visitors to remain loyal to the library. Through CRM, the library can find out more in and the extent to which libraries use or utilize the Internet technology in the world of information distribution and how these libraries in improving services, giving satisfaction and maintain communication links with the visitors.

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  1. Kok cuma abstraknya doank ukh? 🙂

  2. mau lengkapnya ada juga sengaja aku cuma posting abstrac hehheheee

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