Think of Me Now, Tomorrow And so on

Although perkuliah Graduate Library Information Studies Program (MIP) at Gadjah Mada University running 2 months, but the mind that always thinks of each lecture or until dikosan always about the title or theme of the thesis research. Each teacher explained about the lecture material trying to find keywords related to (coherently) about the problems that can be used as the title of the study. Because, do not want to study in graduate school is like one who distrata time serga hasty and very little reference, research themes are also not attractive where it has been reviewed or investigated many others are just different places and contexts study. Research Kemduian koe hope this is helpful to bring renewal in the world of information and library management.
Why is always thinking about design research? Because when one of the lecturers who teach about methods of communication and information research says that “to find it very difficult problem”. Coincidence then try offering about koe research plan was not accepted.
There are several reasons why the research is always thinking about the theme (the theme of the thesis) that is: if it had title to more focused research to find references from various sources either through the electronic journals (e-journal), monograp (articles, tesisi, theses related to peneletian be worked out). And could find a theory that it fits with the theme of research. Kerana to find a theory is not easy.
Hopefully by writing this write-arms friends parted Any country can give advice or offering menus that can be researched thesis. It is very interested in research that is associated with “technology” and “information”. If related management, resources (librarians) and the library is not desaign interest for some reason not known it was not interested in researching the kebidang.
Then hope my friends in arms could give information about the web site address or relating to the management of information and library sites both nationally and internationally. In order to add a reference to me and wait for a response and constructive comments and revolution.


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