I Like of pascasarjana Library management of Information

Nothing feels the postgraduate courses have been a few months so many philosophies and meanings that have been in systematis description. Very grateful to the Divine given the opportunity to feel more of postgraduate education. Where there are several learning style changes between S1 and S2 of college friends so must have experience in their work both from government and nongovernmental sector (CPNS or PRIVATE), I think they are more visionary friends dibandingka undergraduate college which has have a good orientation of the medium-term and long-term, faculty learning styles were very different from the more presentations, discussion and analysis of a problem both in the context of personal or Groups.
Seriousness belajarpun more focus on our areas of concentration jalanin now. Then pespektif learn more on management is not much use but more on the theoretical application. This is a very dear and fun mejalani perkuliah dipascasarjana where the task is very rarely print out but the task more presentations in front of friends that discovered the extent to account for and convince your friends about the problem task. If time undergraduate more in the print out is not even collected a presentation task ahead of his friends so much work to be done only the origin, yet also not be asked an important faculty task completion. Although there may be more task presentation group.
Material was presented at more lecturers to use external reference and e-journal is uptodate. There Bahka send lecturers to discuss perkuliah materials via email selanjutkan and graduate student work also send tasks via email. This gives a positive impact for which the first graduate student to save the use of paper, then a graduate student so there is nothing technologically stutter. Because of a science and education will never be separated from the technology.
Although the task of extraordinary Subhanallah graduate but not as a barrier to continue the struggle and follow perkuliah because no one is an instant success and produced by berleha-inattentive. To achieve these ideals perlua remarkable struggle both in the material, mind, energy and time. So that’s left to keep fighting with fellow philosophy dipascasarjana in breaking the development of education.
Since dipascasarjana time was greatly reduced and meaningful where time passes so quickly probably because perkuliahaan and busy with the task did not feel the time goes so quickly turned the dial.
But many more of Thingking of positive there are some things I also liked the MIP graduate perkuliahaan space is not very good as a lecture room, where there is no penggap room air circulation if the room does not otamatis aka air exchange will make an impact on the students that the student must have overheated, does not focus with teacher explanation because the weather was hot, then heat will affect tire quickly, especially in the brain and body can not merasang stimulus from the outside because there was fluid in the body sweat more mengluarkan. Chair is not comfortable which will give posisition (position) where the layer of longevity not speed hot seat as the plastic was very barren space perkuliah no tertampak green, estotika, and kenyamana if it were in the room. While in the room air conditioner is not working, so make the room hotter the fan just a fan, although the two but a lot of friends who could not hit the fan.
Barriers are not mean at all for my friends graduate which saw the smile sincere friend just nan has been able to eliminate fatigue and capekan. Hopefully dipascasarjana always strung kekompakkan will not break even from the various regions in Indonesia. Do not ever guide (separation) between Java and outside Java because we complement each other let alone the problem of education is indispensable various cultural (culture) to determine the development of information and library from different regions to form reseacerh of experencement to progress development of librarians.


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